Monarch Gummies


A wonderful and sweet way to get your dose of CBD. 

Large Monarch Gummies are about 4 times as large as gummy bears. CBD Gummies contain 40 mg CBD. Split in half if desired.

New CBG Gummies Now Available!!

CBG is present in precious amounts in hemp. Wonderful for pain relief and easing anxiety and depression. Research shows that CBG is an excellent neuroprotector and Neuroregenerator as well. 

Choose your flower variety for your desired effect. All varieties provide the aforementioned CBD benefits. You can choose the effect you desire. Purple Kush is best for calm, sleep, and anxiety relief. It contains linalool, the same terpene in soothing lavender. Cherry Wine has a more citrus profile and contains the uplifting terpene limonene and is great for inspiration and mood elevation.

Cherry Abacus now available! See description. And the awesome cannabinoid CBG now in stock!

Honey Gummies are sweetened entirely with local organic honey. They are rich in natural flavor and are a bit more tart than the sweeter regular monarchs. Available only as made to order.

Want to choose your own flavor? Select Made to Order gummies and choose your flavor. Please allow 2 days processing time for all made to order selections.

Or choose regular gummies and send me a note in the comment box at checkout to request flavors. I'll send them if I have them in stock.




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