Monarch Gummies

Large Monarch Gummies are about 4 times as large as gummy bears. (About 6 grams per gummy). Moderate to strong concentrations for many people. Easy to split in half. We offer an entire spectrum of choices with varying amounts of CBD, CBG, and THC.


Green Apple








Happy Camper is a CBD + THC gummy with a 3:1 ratio. The THC is delta 9, the naturally available in the highest quantity in the plant. Tempered with the calming and balancing CBD, many people experience a pleasant high and buzzy feeling. These are not for children. THC is also a wonderful pain reliever for those who enjoy the psychoactive effects. 


Calm Relief contains Purple Kush CBD a more relaxing, calming, (think Indica) CBD that is helpful for relieving anxiety and stress and to sleep when your body is ready to rest.


Brighter Day is made from Cherry Wine and has a daytime, (think sativa), more active effect. Helps with mood balancing, along with the overall non-drowsy benefits of CBD.


CBG is a cannabinoid present in the beginning of the growing season and transforms into CBD, THC, CBDV, etc. It is present in precious amounts. 


Research shows CBG is an excellent pain reliever, and is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Especially for preventing nerve oxidation. So it is a neuroprotector and neuroregenerator.


The studies also show relief from depression and anxiety, and provides a wonderful mood boost. It can increase energy and focus. Also an excellent anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer according to these new exciting studies.

Energy and Focus contains CBG in addition to Cherry Wine CBD. This combination can be helpful for a energy and mood boost. Perhaps giving energy to focus with a calmer mind.

Peaceful Easy Healing is a combination of CBG and the relaxing CBD, Purple Kush. This allows a person to cope with pain and ease into a deep peaceful relaxation. 

Note on Delta 8 THC: All our products contain only the all natural plant extract. We do not use any chemicals in our extraction method. Note that delta 8 THC products use harsh chemicals such as strong acids and hydrocarbons and process large amounts of hemp to obtain delta 8 THC which is naturally present only in very tiny amounts. These chemicals may or may not be removed prior to sale.  Be careful.