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Triple Treat gummies are made with the Happy Camper extract with CBG extract added! Contains 35 mg CBD, 10 mg THC, PLUS 20 mg CBG. All 3 cannabinoids together pack a powerful punch. All the benefits of CBG aligned with a balanced psychoactivity. This combination of 3 cannabinoids results in something very special. 


Gummies are large and are below the Wisconsin legal limit of 0.3% THC per gummy. Nothing is added or taken away from this natural plant extract. No funny business. This is not Delta 8 THC it is the original Delta 9 THC from the plant. We do not use any chemicals at all in our CO2 extraction process which means no chemical residue, a very clean process.


Made from our Wisconsin farm grown, full spectrum extract. No artificial colors.  Monarch Butterfly gummies are large enough to split in half if desired. A tasty and fun way to get your daily cannabinoids on.


Triple Treat CBD+THC+CBG

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