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Monarch Hill Hemp Farm and CBD Botanicals


We are cannabis producers - farmers and prcessors. We organically grow our hemp on Bob's family farmin Eau Claire Wisconsin. We are a team of two, each with our individual strengths and duties that luckily compliment each other. We named our business because of the wonderful Monarch butterflies on the farm  and we have preserved large patches of milkweed on the property to keep them alive and healthy. We also planted several acres of flowering habitat specifically made to maintain and attract butterflies. It's been just announced the Monarchs are now on the endangered list. Very sad and I hope that changes like it did for the Bald Eagle and other species.

We are true believers in the powerful medicine of plants in general and especially pleased about the mighty cannabinoids in hemp. It is a wonderful gift to humankind. We are very excited to be growing such a worthwhile crop that will be such a benefit for many people.


Meet Your Farmers

Bob - Farmer, Mechanic, Electronics and Electrical, Researcher

Farmed for 50 years. Earned an Associates degree in Electronics, a BS in Vocational Education, and a Master's degree in Adult Education. He has also earned a certificate from the Cannabis Training University. Taught for 20 years at the technical college in a wide variety of subjects including electromechanical, electronics, computer networking, and Industrial Maintenance. Bob has installed solar PV and hot water on our property, in-floor heat systems, and makes biofuel from vegetable oil. He owns and has refurbished 3 automated biodiesel production machines.


Bob runs, repairs, maintains, the farm machinery as well as the CO2 processor. He can fix anything and finds solutions that keep things moving. He has built several pieces of equipment for our operation including a seed flat planter, fertilizer/ watering trailer, plant shredder, a drying trailer, and a seed separator. His incredible work ethic and talent brings a wealth of know how  and gets things done in our operation. His in-depth research of late is in seed genetics and developing high CBD hemp varieties that can thrive here in Wisconsin. 

Bob's Certificate Cannabis Training University.JPG

Allegra  -  Lab Manager, Product Developer, Assistant Farmer, Photographer, Graphic Designer

Nature Lover, Natural Foods and Medicine Aficionado, BS in Science and a Master's in Environmental Pollution Control from Penn State University. And a Renewable Energy Certificate from Madison Area Technical College. Allegra worked for 7 years in an Analytical Chemistry lab at Penn State doing water quality analyses for trace contaminants. She is adept at GLMP (Good Laboratory Management Practices) and is responsible for creating CBD oil tinctures and healing salves. Allegra also is the one behind the camera and at the computer. She also is a musician and enjoys playing electric guitar. Central to Allegra's core is good food, cool folks, creativity, natural health remedies, and a clean environment. 

P_20190803_181436_LL (2).jpg

Pot of green at the end of the rainbow!

Friends of the Farm


Awesome Friends! Jake and Tania giving their time and energy for the cause.  Great times weeding, watering, laughing, and harvesting aromatic buds. Always happy when they bring their cheer to the farm. 

Bobby Alan flying on dirt bike.jpg

One of our sons, Bobby, proprietor of BP Concrete. He and his crew do awesome custom concrete work, priced right.  He's also a snowbike and dirt bike rider at the national level. Also see his awesome line of apparel at He prints our hats and T-shirts!

BP's Concrete in Eau Claire

Amazing Work!

Charles - Stepfather, Stone Mason, Musician, Vintage Woodstove Guy, and Good Soul

Helped with transplanting,  harvesting, and replanting seedlings when they were washed out by the storm during Blue Ox Music Festival. Making trips from Minnesota.

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Live Wide Open Lifestyle Apparel



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