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We process our own hemp flower into beautiful Full Spectrum CBD oil.  


We've been super busy in the field getting these lovely ladies into the ground. This year we are installing a modest drip irrigation system. The plants will have all the water they need to produce large healthy flowers.

Why Choose Monarch Hill

We are a two person team (with occasional help from family and friends), organically growing, hand harvesting quality hemp flower. We process the flower buds, not the stalks and fan leaves with our small batch CO2 processor. It is the best extraction method for  provides for the full spectrum of  phytocannabinoids. We offer effective and farm fresh oil tinctures, pain salves, luscious lip balms, and the ever popular gummies. 


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Our customers tell us that our oil really helps them and is the best CBD oil they ever tried. They let us know that the oil helps relieve their pain, anxiety, elevates their mood, and helps with sleep. They also say it's the best ever tasted. We love hearing this feedback. 

Highest Quality CO2 Extraction 

With state of the art extraction, we produce full spectrum, full benefit, quality CBD oil products with the full terpene profile and original phytocannabinoids of the hemp flower. With CO2 extraction there is never a chance of hydrocarbon residues left in the oil such as there may be with alcohol or butane extraction methods. The oil tastes better and the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes creates an entourage effect. The benefits increase exponentially. Our processing method is by far more expensive but we feel the benefits are well worth it. Our customers tell us that our oil is outstanding. 

Farmer-Direct Pricing

Our hemp flower is organically grown, hand tended, and hand harvested hemp from our small family farm in Wisconsin. Our CBD products are top shelf quality offered at farmer-direct prices. We want this extraordinary oil to be obtainable for those who want to reap its health benefits.

Terpene Results are in! Choose your flower remedy

Choose Your Flower Remedy

Different varieties of CBD hemp have different cannabinoid profiles with different ratios of CBD CBG CBN etc each with their own effect. Different strains also have individual terpene profiles. Terpenes are compounds that impart taste and smell to fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. They are themselves beneficial to us in many ways. 

The lab results for our flowers and oils give us insight to how a particular variety will give us the effects we seek.


Purple Kush contains linalool, a powerful stress reducer that calms and relaxes. It serves to lower anxiety, depression, gives us stress and immune resilience. Our Cherry Wine variety contains Limonene which is found in citrus fruits. This wonderful terpene is an excellent mood enhancer. Is great for inspiration, and also soothes the gastrointestinal systems, and supports liver and immune health.

Both varieties contain b-caryophyllene, one of the only terpenes that interacts with the CB2 receptors in our bodies. These receptors are found in many major biological systems such as the metabolic, hormonal, and immune systems. So, alongside the CBD, this compound can interact and benefit these systems. There are many more terpenes and their effects to discuss. I have more information on the CBD oils page.

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Cherry Abacus

Red Kross



What is the Endocannabinoid System Anyway?


The Endocannabinoid System is present in all vertebrate animals and is a system in our bodies that works to restore balance and stimulate protective and self-healing mechanisms. Although rarely discussed in standard medical training, it plays a crucial part in maintaining our health.

The ECS is made up of 3 parts:

   1) Endocannabinoids

         Molecules produced by the body

   2) Cell Receptor Sites

          Lock and key triggered by cannabinoids

   3) Enzymes

         Create and destroy cannabinoids

ECS Recptor diagram Johnson.JPG

The ECS has more receptor sites than any other receptor system in the human body. It has been called the universal or master regulator of the human body. The ECS does an excellent job in helping maintain homeostasis by using a negative feedback system to help regulate multiple aspects of our physiology.

ECS Scott Johnson cover.jpg

According to the research compiles in Dr. Scott Johnson's book: The Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis, The Perfect Partnership for self-regulation and healing, a deficiency in endocannabinoid activity may be associated with such conditions as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, cystic fibrosis, infantile colic, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, irregular or painful menstruation, and much more. The optimization of the ECS could reverse these difficult conditions.

Tested Concentrations

Our stated concentrations are third party tested. We send out our extract to be tested so that every bottle lives up to the concentration on the label.

Supporting Local Farmers

When we support local small businesses and farm we empower them to stay alive and thrive. What we choose to support is like a vote and will help determine what and who surrounds us in the community.

Farmer Bob wrote and article about this and it was published in the Country Today newspaper. When you go to a CBD shop, do you know where it comes from? Did you know that about 94% of the hemp grown in Wisconsin last year is still sitting in warehouses or other places unsold? CBD shops opened up before WI growers could get legal and get product out. Now with store shelves already stocked, small local growers find they cannot sell.


Our Required Disclaimer

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Also please be advised that certain tests for THC are sensitive to CBD. Although CBD and THC have very different effects, their molecular structure is very similar and CBD can trigger a positive THC result. These tests tend to be the quick and cheap variety and not the more sophisticated tests that have the ability to differentiate between the 2 compounds.

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