How much does it cost to start?

You will require a minimum of £5000 and a maximum of £12000 to acquire one of our property opportunities. This is broken down into: Sourcing fee: £3000 (our fee for finding, securing and supporting you through the process) Agent fee: £500 (Company let application fee. This is sometimes not required) Management set up fee: up to £2000. (this can range from £500-2000 for staging the property and onboarding on the systems. Furniture: Up to £6000 but can be financed. (we can arrange finance which means the furniture costs can be spread over 36 months) Rent and deposit: ranges depending on the property size and location.

How long till I get my investment back?

We anticipate that all our investment opportunities will have a maximum payback period of 12 months and then profit for 24 months there on. This can be significantly less in some instances. *DISCLAIMER: we cannot guarantee the performance of your investment and investors must realise that any investment can go up or down in value*

How do I secure a property?

In order to secure a property, you are required to pay a holding fee to the agent or landlord. This is to make sure nobody else can make an application on the property. The holding fee is typically one week's rent and is deducted from the first month's rent when you start paying. The rent and deposit is then paid the day before the contract starts.

How long does it take to find and secure a unit?

Depending on your criteria and your budget, It can take 3 days up till a maximum of 3 months. We take pride in the deals we present and therefore we won’t chuck any deals at you just for the sake of showing you a deal that doesn’t work. The process of securing a property usually takes 1-3 weeks which includes holding fee, referencing, contracts, and key collection.

Why should I pay a management set up fee?

Have you ever moved home…. If so, you know that it can be very stressful and time consuming to organise all the furniture in and out This is all taken care of for you as well as staging and setting up the property, onboarding on to all the systems, hand picking custom furniture, interior design expertise and professional photography to make your property stand out and look amazing. In addition, the management team will list your property on all the relevant OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) to make sure your revenue and profit is maximised from day one.