Try out the hemp flavors in style with 3 different varieties of hemp flowers. Each small vial includes 100 mg of CBD from Purple Kush. Cherry Abacus, and Cherry Wine. Includes a gummy 6-pack for 240 mg CBD of fruity sweetness. Then enjoy a honey lip balm to top it off. 

Not counting the lip balm that's 540 mg of CBD.


Excellent for sharing the Monarch Hill word or enjoy for yourself, we all need enjoyment.Includes a MHH magnet for your fridge too.


This is excellent quality CBD made from hemp grown on our farm. Processed in house with our state-of-the-art extraction process, this oil retains its natural cannabinoid and terpene profile. Providing extra health benefit by inducing the entourage effect. It tastes fresh and has shown to be an effective oil with many people. See website description about the terpene profiles for more information on the hemp flower varieties Purple Kush, Cherry Abacus and Cherry Wine. 


Thank you for supporting small farms and businesses. 

Sampler Gift Bag