Large 60 pc pack of delicious CBD gummies. Available in concentrations of: 20, 30, or 40 mg of CBD per gummy.  The beautiful Monarch butterflies are great for higher concentrations of CBD. All natural gummies with our Wisconsin farm grown, CO2 extracted, Full Specrum CBD oil. No artificial flavors or colors.  


Choose from a variety of sweet flavors: Cherry. Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, or Apple. Or choose Honey Gummies with flavors: Honey Cranberry, Honey Peach, Honey Blueberry, Honey Mixed Berry, or Honey Strawberries n Cream. These are a little less sweet and are made with raw local organic honey, raw cane sugar, and organic apple juice and for those who enjoy rich flavors with a pinch of tartness. Honey Peach and Honey Mango have turmeric for color which has the added benefit of a strong anti-inflammatory and works in concert with CBD


Choose your hemp flower,  Cherry Wine or Purple Kush. Purple Kush is best for sleep and relaxation in many people. Its terpene profile includes linalool which is helpful for calming and deep relaxation. And b-caryophyllene which interacts with your CB2 receptors to provide widespread biological systems support. Cherry Wine contains more Limonene which helps with mood enhancement. See the terpene profile comparisons on the CBD Oil tinctures page for more details.


Both hemp flowers are outstanding anti-inflammatories, anti-microbial, provide immune and stress resilience and are helpful for relaxation, help with sleep, mood elevation, pain  and anxiety relief. And the list goes on. 


Contains 60 gummies in one large colorful mylar bag. These are made to order for you. Please allow 3 days for drying. Otherwise they will be too sticky. Thanks!

Gummies Made to Order - 60 piece