All cannabinoids in cannabis begin life as CBG or CBGa. Through the process of maturity the cannabinoids transform into CBD, CBC, CBDV, THC, THCV, and all the other cannabinoids. So it the mother cannabinoid. Research shows it is a very effective anti-neuroinflammatory. Reduces oxidative stress. Excellent for prevention of nerve- degeneration diseases like Parkinsons or Alzheimers. An excellent anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, perhaps better than CBD. Research also showes promise with colon and bresat cancer prevention, and help with irritable bowel syndrome, Retts, and Huntingdon's disease.

These plants are ultra-low in THC and may be considered as an option for those who have to undergo drug tests. However we make no guarantees. But they are also safer to grow for those of us who have to have our plants tested in the field. 

Price is per seed. 

CBG Feminized Seeds